FACT’s bi-monthly Sunday sessions at the Lock Tavern have become rather notorious over the past year, showcasing the vanguard of garage, dubstep and house – with DJs like Cooly G, Untold and Darkstar – in the intimate and frankly unlikely environs of a self-proclaimed “tarted up boozer” in Camden.

Well, not being ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve teamed up with the Red Bull Music Academy to make our next free Lock party, on Sunday 7 March, even more special than you’ve come to expect: ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be joined by the truly stellar trio of Rustie (pictured above), MJ Cole and Joy Orbison.

Rustie’s come a long way since we first profiled him back in 2007, and thanks to the devastating EPs Jagz The Smack and Bad Science, he’s already a bona fide icon of the UK underground. As those who’ve seen him play or heard his FACT mix will klnow, the Glaswegian’s DJ sets have their roots in R&B and hip-hop’s tougher, more synthetic and psychedelic moments, with natural excursions into grime, dubstep and low-slung electro all part of the bargain. With his debut album expected to drop on Warp this year and his live show quickly taking shape, 2010 is evidently going to be Rustie’s biggest year yet, so we’re thrilled that he can duck out to join us for this most intimate of parties.

MJ Cole is one of the original and supreme architects of UK garage, and singles like ‘Too Blind’ (1996) and ‘Sincere’ remain unsurpassed in their ability to balance complex, polished musicality with street-smart 2-step rhythm. Having released Sincere, arguably the finest full-length album ever spawned by UKG, in 1999, MJ spent the following decade releasing a stream of highly accomplished works on his own aptly named Prolific Recordings label; more recently he’s taken to enthusiastically to pushing UK funky and the modern house sound of London. Revered for his classic productions, but determinedly forward-facing in his approach to both DJing and production, MJ Cole is a man we can all learn a lot from. What a pleasure it’ll be to have him down the Lock.

Our third and final headliner is Joy Orbison, whose magnificent 2009 single ‘Hyph Mngo’ was, quite simply, all-conquering. Understandably a little weirded out by the avalanche of his acclaim that’s fallen his way since its release, Joy – real name Peter O’Grady – is selective in the gigs he plays, making it all the more of a coup for us to have secured his services. Having recently followed up ‘Hyph’ with the excellent ‘J.Doe’ / ‘BRKLN CLLN’ 12″ on his own Doldrums label, O’Grady will soon be releasing a phenomenal single on Will Saul’s Aus Music imprint. A discerning and deadly DJ as well as producer, operating smack bang in the fertile interzone between dubstep, garage and house, if you ask us this kid is deserving of all the hype he gets.

FACT at The Lock: The Red Bull Music Academy Chapter is a free entry event, which means, yes, you can come see Rustie, MJ Cole and Joy Orbison free of charge, in a London pub, on a Sunday. How good is that?  What’s more our three headliners will be joined by FACT DJs and members of the Red Bull Music Academy All-Stars – and if you’ve seen the list of 2010 RBMA participants, you’ll know to expect some serious talent.

FACT at The Lock: The Red Bull Music Academy Chapter

Rustie, MJ Cole, Joy Orbison
+ FACT DJs, RBMA All-Stars
Sunday 7 March
at The Lock Tavern

35 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1
3pm-11pm, free entry



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