As previously reported, James Murphy has written and performed the score for Greenberg, the new movie by his friend Noah Baumbach.

The score is comprised of 11 new Murphy solo pieces and one new LCD Soundsystem song, ‘Oh You (Christmas Blues)’. Additional contributions to the soundtrack come from Nite Jewel, Albert Hammond, Galaxie 500, the Sonics, and Duran Duran.

Baumbach has directed six features to date, including the acclaimed The Squid and the Whale (2005) and Margo at the Wedding (2007). Greenberg, due to be released in March of this year, stars Ben Stiller as the titular hero, who, newly jobless, has decamped to Los Angeles in order to reconnect with his old friend Ivan (played by Rhys Ifans). Much hilarity, soul-searching, etc ensues.

In an interview with Drowned In Sound last year, Murphy said the score “sounds NOTHING like LCD, really. it’s made to fit the movie, not be ‘my record’.” It will be released via DFA/Parlophone on March 22.

1 James Murphy: “People”
2 Nite Jewel: “Suburbia”
3 James Murphy: “Sleepy Baby”
4 James Murphy: “Thumbs”
5 Albert Hammond: “It Never Rains in Southern California”
6 James Murphy: “Plenty of Time”
7 James Murphy: “Photographs”
8 James Murphy: “Gente”
9 Galaxie 500: “Strange”
10 LCD Soundsystem: “Oh You (Christmas Blues)”
11 James Murphy: “Birthday Song”
12 James Murphy: “Dear You”
13 The Sonics: “Shot Down”
14 Duran Duran: “The Chauffeur”
15 James Murphy: “If You Need a Friend”
16 James Murphy : “Please Don’t Follow Me”
17 James Murphy: “Photographs (Piano)”



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