Introducing LuckyMe’s new avant-rock three piece, American Men.

If you know LuckyMe, it’s probably on the basis of their hyper-coloured hip-hop madmen on their roster – Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Mike Slott and the rest of them. That’s all going to change when the Glasgow collective release

Cool World, a five-track EP from the stable’s own rock outfit American Men. Think LuckyMe’s techicolour, anything goes approach to hip-hop tipped over the head of say, Broken Social Scene’s ‘KC Accidental’ and you’re half way there.

You can download the lead track from Cool World here; so long as the band’s myspace is still correct then the full record is out on vinyl today.

By the way, there are three American men – we just chose a photo of the one above because he reminds us of the Irish dude from Fishtank.

Download: American Men – Cccccoooolll Wrld
(Available for seven days)



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