Andrew Thomas will release a new album for Kompakt, Between Buildings And Trees, on March 2.

The New Zealand-based former frisbee champion is an acclaimed production designer and composer for theatre, films and exhibitions. and a regular contributor to the Kompakt catalogue. He’s a fixture of the label’s much-loved Pop Ambient compilations, contributing tracks to the last seven in series. In 2003 he released his debut album, Fearsome Jewel.

The follow-up, Between Buildings And Trees, is a similarly wistful and reflective work, rooted in the ambient and neo-classical tradition, with piano figuring strongly in tracks like ‘Light On Sea (From Above The World So High)’ and ‘Net To Catch A Ghost’. You can check out some short sound-clips over at Norman Records.

1. A Dream of A Spider
2. Light On Sea (From Above The World So High)
3. Blue Cassette
4. Above The World So High
5. Blue Cassette
6. Above The World So High
7. Moth In Mouth
8. Hazer
9, Net To Catch A Ghost
10. One Thousand Pinholes In A Black Paper Sky
11. Hazer II



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