Legendary electronic music label Mille Plateaux will relaunch in May.

The company is now being operated by Marcus Gabler, and promises new artists, new sub-labels, a new website and a new instalment in its much-lauded Clicks + Cuts compilation series.

Mille Plateaux was active in the years 1994-2004, closing up shop when its parent company Force Inc. went bust. It was briefly revived in 2006, before dissolving again after two CD releases.

In its prime, Mille Plateaux released an incredible array of music existing at the intersection of electronica, micro-house and sound-art – including albums by GAS (Wolfgang Voigt), Terre Thaemlitz, .SND, Alec Empire and Vladislav Delay.

The label remains best-known for the first 2xCD/3xLP Clicks + Cuts compilation. Released in 2000, it showcased and galvanised a new generation of avant-garde electronic musicians, among them Pole, Dettinger, Jan Jelinek, Ultra-Red, Alva Noto and Pan Sonic.



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