Soul Jazz are to release 135 Grand Street New York 1979, a film by Ericka Beckman, on DVD.

The film is a document of New York’s No Wave scene, recorded on Super-8mm, and captures the likes of Rhys Chatham (pictured),UT and Chinese Puzzle, Theoretical Girls and others performing in a sparse downtown loft. The film lay dormant in Beckman’s basement for 30 years before being discovered and shown to the Metropolitan Musem of Art.

Since then 135 Grand Street has been screened at MoMA and is currently showing as part of Sonic Youth’s Sensational Fix touring art exhibition

As well as the DVD, Soul Jazz have put together a CD compilation with the same title, containing the film’s soundtrack plus bonus tracks.

1. Theoretical Girls — Glazened Eyes
2.Theoretical Girls — Contrary Motion
3. Ut — Sharp’s Loose
4. Ut — I-Dog-I (DVD bonus track)
5. A Band — Sand and Sea
6. A Band — Mirror, Mirror
7. Rhys Chatham — Guitar Trio
8. Chinese Puzzle — I Don’t Know
9. The Static — Spectacular Commodity
10. The Static — My Relationship (CD only bonus track)
11. Morales — Gay Girl In a Gay Bar
12. Youths in Asia — Talking Heads pt.1
13. Youths in Asia — Amnesia
14. Steve Piccolo — Superior Genes
15. Steve Piccolo — It’s Hard to Be in Love in Times Like These (CD only bonus track)
16. Jill Kroesen — Fay Shism Blues (CD only bonus track)
17. Jill Kroesen — Freaks of Nature (DVD bonus track)



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