Techno producers have long seen their music as being comparable to, and compatible with, classical music.

On the same evening that Carl Craig and Moritz Von Oswald are set to perform with classical pianist and arranger Francesco Tristano at London’s Royal Festival Hall, we learn (via The Wire) that Jeff Mills – who has more form than most when it comes to the techno-classical interface – will be improvising around the work of composer Claude Debussy on February 20 in New York.

Legendary Detroit techno producer Mills will join pianist Kathleen Supové a performance at Le Poisson Rouge hosted by Wordless Music, a NYC-based organisation dedicating to exploring the affinity between modern classical and electronic music.

“There is a unique beauty in the motion of cycles,” says Mills in an endearingly pretentious statement on Le Poisson Rouge’s website. “Like the spiraling of time we live in, this motion is unescapable. The convincing illusion that time restarts itself and allows us to begin again somehow feels like a rebirth. The classical composer Claude Debussy adapted this force in the cyclic method of ‘rolling’. Born on the edge of Le Mer, he sublimely translates the incoming/outgoing motion of waves to piano arrangements. With a passion that rings a certain unspoken truth, his works have endure centuries, as they undeniably belong to reality itself.

“This is a fact: Music without electricity is still music. The divisions of ‘genre’ that exists in music were designed for convenience for the listener. Genres were created to distinguish and sort between the vast ideas of music composers, this division was not in the original design of using sound as entertainment, but it was for reason of utility.

“The idea of receiving a invitation from Kathleen Supove to participate in such a adventurous event is thrilling. It is a chance to object to the common notion that Music divides people. This division is something I look very much forward to exploring and is the shared task that the some Classical and Electronic Musicians are intent of dissolving as the trend of merging the two forms become more appreciated. Conveniently, looping is widely practiced in the world of Electronic Music and the merging of our ideas and impressions through the work of Claude Debussy is a practical decision I equate to nothing less than substantial.”

Right you are, Jeff. More information here.



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