Hot Chip aren’t a group adverse to side projects – Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard have both released solo albums in recent memory, and the latter is currently working with Raf Daddy on dancefloor-focussed material under the name Two Bears.

Speaking to Clash, Taylor has revealed that the band’s Al Doyle (who also moonlights in LCD Soundsystem) and Felix Martin are at work on their own collaborative tracks.

“Al and Felix make songs together,” he said, “But they keep that separate – they haven’t said, ‘I’ve written this song, let’s try it’ – they just leave things up to me and Joe because the band was started by us so we tend to write songs all the time anyway.”

“I think it would be nice if they did want to write in Hot Chip as it would be more inclusive, but at the same time it might lose some of the songwriting identity of the band.”

Taylor added that the duo have, or at least had, a working title for the project. “They were calling themselves Lanark, which is the name of the studio that we record in…but they just said the other day that they’re not going to use that name anymore, so I’m not sure.”

You can read the full interview here.



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