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With the release of this EP based around one of the highlights of his recent album A Certain Distance, Lusine, that Seattle-based Texan exponent of abstract electronic beats, explores three different sides of the twilight experience (as well as reworking ‘Crowded Room’, another album high spot, with Detroit-style vocodered vocals).

The title track’s 105 beats per minute, bitter sweet melody and contemplative lyrics should make it a favourite of chill out lounge playlist compilers the world over. But with Vilja Larjosto’s clipped, understated vocals and a musical palette that feels decidedly Northern European, this lovely recording nimbly avoids Cafe Del Mar cliché: more White Night over the Baltic than sunset over the Med.

Lusine’s own ‘Elliptical mix’ of ”Twilight’ drags the track onto the dancefloor, but one filled with ghosts and long shadows, layering elements from the original song like ectoplasm over eerie percussive tics, until a weird pitchbending sequencer pattern takes possession of your feet.

Jeff Samuel of sister label Spectral Sound explores the half-light of dawn rather than dusk on an eight-and-a-half minute remix that would sound perfect booming out at 5 a.m. Samuel’s take on ‘Twilight’ creates a unified whole from two distinct parts: first building a classic techno groove from a single looped vocal line and skittering hi-hat-heavy rhythm, before breaking it down to tease out the possibilities of the original track’s plangent Rhodes and synths, a kick drum resolutely keeping time like the muscle memory that keeps exhausted but joyful clubbers going as night turns to day.

Justin Toland



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