The folks behind Bleep43 have assembled a typically strong line-up for their next party, which takes place at Corsica Studios on Friday 16 April.

The main draw for us is a live performance from Mika Vainio, whose illustrious work for galleries and installations is the subject of the recent Raster-Noton book+CD release, Time Examined. Finnish Vainio is perhaps best known for his role in Pan Sonic, a recording and live performance project that operated at the crossroads of techno, dub, sound-art and industrial noise. Vainio’s solo work, both under his own name and as Ø, has been similarly groundbreaking and visceral.

Terrence Parker, whose Tribute to Ken Collier EP was one of last year’s most invigorating reissues, will be flying in from Michigan to spin rich, party-minded house music; with almost 20 years’ experience behind him, the veteran DJ is a must-see. An extended main room set comes from Donato Dozzy, one of the most discerning, deep-digging and deadly techno DJs of the contemporary era,

With top-notch booty selector DJ Guy on board, local talents Dan Bean, Toby Frith and Phonopsia, this promises to be another memorable night from the Bleep43 crew, one that dares to present more than one side of the house/techno coin. See you there.



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