10-20, the Devon-based musician responsible for one of our favourite albums of last year, 10-20, will release a new EP next week titled Mountain.

The third in his geologically inspired Landforms series of EPs (last year saw the release of Lake and Island), Mountain spans “an imaginary journey through the acrchitectural and geographic ruin of near-future hyperstitional landscapes.”

“The four tracks that comprise this EP, take the vertigo of an elevated view, the oxygen-thin climate, the affective disorder of Ballardian myth [not that guy again! – Ed], and shape these elements through sound manipulation; Shards of sonic debris tumble past unsteady lurching rhythms, start-stop vertical chasms, and the unsteadying winds of hazy memory.”

Mountain is released digitally next week via Highpoint Lowlife. 10-20 will be playing alongside Roof Light at the Big Chill Bar, London on Thursday March 18.

You can download a track from Mountain, ‘Wercc’, here.



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