Tracey Thorn will release a new album, entitled Love And Its Opposite, on May 17.

The LP will be available via Strange Feeling, a label operated by Thorn’s former partner in Everything But The Girl, Ben Watt. It finds the British singer, who sang the lead vocal on Massive Attack’s classic ‘Protection’, in typically melancholic mode:

“When I was young, I imagined middle age to be a kind of comfort zone, but in fact, having got here, I now feel it’s more of a war zone. The songs are where I dump all that shit so that I can get on with my life without jumping off a bridge.”

Er, cheers Tracey. Love And Its Opposite is the follow-up to 2007’s acclaimed Out Of The Woods, which came out a whole 18 years after its predecessor, A Distant Predecessor. Recorded in London and Berlin, Ewan Pearson was on board once again for production duties, with contributions also from Hot Chip‘s Al Doyle (guitar), Cortney Tidwell (backing vocals/drums) and Jens Lekman, who duets with Thorn on a cover of Lee Hazelwood’s ‘Come On Home To Me’.

You can nab a free download of new track ‘Oh, The Divorces!’ here.

1. Oh, The Divorces!
2. Long White Dress
3. Hormones
4. Kentish Town
5. Why Does The Wind?
6. You Are A Lover
7. Singles Bar
8. Come On Home To Me
9. Late In The Afternoon
10. Swimming



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