This week sees the release of an excellent new 10″ EP from Sandra Electronics.

Sandra Electronics is an occasional alias of Karl O’Connor AKA Regis (pictured above). O’Connor is boss of the long-running Downwards label, which is best-known for its fearsome techno releases but has also ventured regularly into other territories, especially post-punk/industrial-style electronics.

That’s certainly the tack for the Sandra Electronics project, which debuted in 2001 with the 7″ ‘Cubs! Do Your Best’/’We Will Do Our Best!’. For its latest outing, O’Connor is joined by Juan Mendez. Mendez and O’Connor are both key figures in the hugely respected Sandwell District label-cum-collective (which we profiled here), and Mendez’s is responsible for its distinctive visual identity. He also released the last Downwards record, the brilliant, MBV-esque ‘The Dull Age’.

The new limited edition 10″, ‘It Slipped Her Mind’, is out on Downwards with typically dark and demure cover design from Mendez. The title track in particular has a drone/raga quality that puts us in mind of The Velvet Underground and La Monte Young. Check out clips of all the tracks here.

A1. It Slipped Her Mind
B1. New Purpose
B2. Protection Now!



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