The Rapture are working on their third album with producer Phillipe Zdar.

There’s no title for the album as yet, the follow-up to 2007’s Pieces Of The People We Love, which saw the band work with Ewan Pearson, Paul Epworth and Danger Mouse.

Having put together workable demos in New York last year, the band are currently in Paris finishing the album off.

“We’re cruising through the process,” Gabe Andruzzi told Pitchfork. “If everything goes well we’d love to have this album out by June or July”.

“It’s hard to guess what songs will make the record at the point, but I’d say this album is gonna be a lot more like Echoes [the band’s 2003 LP] than Pieces – it’ll be a broader album. It won’t be all dance songs,” added drummer Vito Roccoforte.

“So far the recordings sound to me like the band playing live. We haven’t done a lot of editing; we’re trying to keep it organic.

“So much of these last 10-15 years in music sounds so completely perfect, so ‘inside the computer,'” producer Zdar, best known for his Cassis. “When I heard the Rapture’s demos, I suggested we avoid that. We agreed to do it like a jazz album: put everyone in the same room and work for a good live feeling, so everyone gets goosebumps at once. You’re looking for a very powerful and fragile sound at the same time.”



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