Available on: Planet Mu 12″

This EP from Jamie Vex’d’s new incarnation sees the logical continuation of the style he first introduced with his rapturous remix of Scuba’s ‘Twitch’.

Lead track ‘Starfox’ pummels out dangerous shards of bass energy and synth sweeps as it gallops along angularly. It’s like a hyperfunked John Carpenter soundtracking an assault on a video game arcade. Or, imagine the opening sequence of Bladerunner, careering into a carnival of technicolour.

‘Shutter Light Girl’ is another highlight, only diminished by its brevity; an evocative and blissful piece that illustrates Jamie’s competence in both composition and sound design.  ‘Joy Construction’ bubbles melodically, driven by a choir of synth voices, punctuated with blippy flourishes and bouncing with undeniable groove.  With slouched rhythm and stuttering bass, ‘Glow’ moves momentously with seductive female vocals buried in the mix before closing with a wash of filters and effects, concluding the EP and leaving an otherworldly afterglow.

Expect exciting things to come from Kuedo. Squelch with substance, light years ahead of the swathes of off kilter bass buffoonery currently so ubiquitous.

Mike Burn



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