Pier Bucci will release his long-awaited sophomore album on April 19 via his own Maruca label.

Amigo is the follow-up to the Chilean producer’s excellent Familia, which came out on Crosstown Rebels in 2006. Like its predecessor, Amigo – which was recorded in Berlin last year – isn’t merely a dancefloor record. With arguably even more sophistication than his countrymen Luciano and Villalobos, Bucci channels haunting Latino folk and other ethnic music textures into his wriggling, writhing techno grooves, aiming to “soundtrack virtually any activity an open mind can undertake”.

Vocals figure prominently on this record, with Chilean pop star Jorge Gonzales (who you may remember from Los Updates) and Parisian Armelle Pioline among those lending their pipes to proceedings.

1. La Cortina De Hierro y El Pajaro Cantor
2. Canto Libre
3. Papa Guede
4. Cuando
5. Eternelle
6. Verte Tan
7. Iskrenne
8. Wayna Wasi
9. La Payaya
10. For Free



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