Available on: Phonica White digital download / vinyl

This inaugural release on Phonica Records’ ‘white’ sub-label emerged last year, and now, having built up a buzz among vinyl-buyers, it finally hits digital.

Okinawa resident Iori is a relative newcomer to the world stage, but if this release is anything to go by it seems likely that his is a name you’ll be hearing more and more often. Lead track ‘Galaxy’ isn’t anything new per se – what contemporary techno release really is? – but there’s a palpable craftmanship at work. The combination of robust drum programming, melodic bassline and vaporous synths is tried and tested – I’m reminded particularly of Aril Brikha’s excellent Ex Machina album – and is bracingly effective. If there’s a criticism to be made, it’s that there’s a lack of narrative shape to it, little sense of destination.

On the flip, ‘Urge’ is even more echo-drenched, the dub factor upped twofold. Fans of the Modern Love and Echospace aesthetic, not to mention Maurizio, will find much to like in this trippy but assuredly groove-heavy track. It’s rare to hear a new artist making music this subtle and sophisticated, and I await the next transmission from Iori, and Phonica White, with some interest.

Daniel Feeld



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