There have only ever been four records released bearing the MMM insignia, but that hasn’t stopped this 12″ series become one of the most respected in Europe’s electronic music underground.

The two producers responsible for the MMM releases are Erik Wiegand and Berghain regular Fiedel. Wiegand is best known for his work as Errorsmith and for his collaborations with Frank ‘Sound Stream’ Timm, and certainly MMM in the main shares a similar aesthetic with those projects, favouring bold, bright disco samples clipped, looped and jacked almost to the point of abstraction. The most well-received MMM track to date, 1997’s classic ‘Donna’, might be better described as pummelling, acid-flecked electro-techno, and if you don’t own it, you should.

Well, two years after its last release, the 10th Anniversary E.P. (a split with Soundhack), MMM is back with a brand new two-sided 12″ from Erik & Fiedel. On first listen, ‘Nous Sommes MMM’ and ‘Let’s Get It On’ sound almost too full-on to take seriously, but like all the best tunes from the MMM-Smith-N-Hack-Soundstream axis, there’s a terrific dryness and austerity to the production that becomes more obvious with repeated listening. Though the tropes of to-the-hilt disco-rave are all present and correct, the way that Fiedel and Wiegand stack ’em up and knock ’em down is utterly unique.

You can check out clips of both tracks here.



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