Blank Dogs, the New York singer/songwriter whose last album, Under and Under was one of our favourites of last year, is releasing a new EP on his Captured Tracks label.

Titled Phrases, it features four tracks from the prolific Dogs, who until last year kept this project anonymous, until, in his own words (from a future FACT interview), it started to distract from the music, and people started to assume that “the anonymity was a scam to sell records or whatever.” He also brought the project to the live stage last year.

A former member of DC Snipers as well as various other bands, Dogs has released dozens of records in the last couple of years, many of which go for silly money on EP. He also runs the Captured Tracks label, which has put out almost as many records as Dogs himself in its short existence, including releases by Silk Flowers and Woods.

Given the fact that Blank Dogs makes so much music that he often forgets he’s made records until finished copies arrive at his door, your guess is as good as mine as to when these songs were made, but titles like ‘End of Summer’ and ‘Heat and Depression’ might offer some clues. Phrases will be released on March 23, via Captured Tracks.

1. Heat and Depression
2. Blurred Tonight
3. Racing Backwards
4. End of Summer



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