On Monday we reported that Plastic People – the Shoreditch club home to Theo Parrish’s London residency, seminal dubstep night FWD>>, and countless other clubnights including The Bug and Loefah’s Bash, CD-R, Nonsense and more – was under threat of closure.

Over the weekend a Facebook group was set up, titled ‘KEEP PLASTIC PEOPLE ALIVE’. The people behind the club last night released an official statement regarding the club’s status that reads thus. For context, we’d suggest reading Monday’s story before this if you haven’t already:

“Official Statement from the Management of Plastic People

“Hello everyone and thank you very much for your support. We know that Plastic People is loved by all of you, but we could never have predicted the reactions from so many people in such a short time. It has been overwhelming. On behalf of everyone here at Plastic People, special thanks to Benny Blanco for starting the ‘Keep Plastic People Alive’ Campaign and to all of you who are showing your appreciation for what the club has done over the last 16 years.

Charlotte and I are in no doubt how serious this situation is and as a result had a meeting with the solicitor yesterday. This does not mean that all hope is lost and that Plastic People has come to its end. However, it does mean that we must do all we can to co-operate with the Police and Hackney Council in order to ensure that we can keep the best dance music venue in London open for all to enjoy.

Here is a breakdown of the whole process:

• The police have made an application to Hackney Council for a review the premises licence at Plastic People on the grounds that the way the management have been operating the club has breached the existing terms of its licence and failed to prevent crime and disorder and public nuisance.

• The notice outside the club’s premises will be there till the 11th March, which is the closing date for representations to be made by ‘interested parties’ (unfortunately this does not include you guys, but there may be an opportunity for you to make a contribution, see below) for or against the closure or any other outcome of the review.

• After the 11th, the licensing department at Hackney Council will, within 10 days, write to all parties concerned to invite them to a sub-committee hearing on a given date at a given address where they would make their case. That hearing should take place by the 31st of March.

• It would then be up to the Committee to decide on the eventual outcome which could be one or more of these:

(a)    To revoke the license altogether;

(b)   To suspend the license for a period not exceeding three months;

(c)    To modify the conditions of the license;

Once a decision has been made, we would be notified and in the worst case scenario, we would have the option of appealing, but our current aim is to work with the Police and the Licensing Authority to find a solution that is satisfactory to all. Having never had problems with our licence over 16 years, whether in Oxford Street or Shoreditch, we are optimistic that this will be possible. Whilst the management concentrate on working With the Police and Hackney Council to address their concerns, much still needs to be done.

Unfortunately, we can’t make the full version of the Police application openly available at this stage. A collection of people involved in the club are setting up a Committee called Friends of Plastic People. They will gather people’s experiences of working with and attending Plastic People over the years. They will meet this week and no doubt they will let you know how you can help.

I would urge everyone to hold back on making representations to the Police or the Council in the meantime, but by all means carry on spreading the word.

Once again, my most heartfelt gratitude to all of you!

Bernard KOUDJO
Plastic People LTD
Curtain Road
Shoreditch, EC2A 3QE”

To show your support for one of the best clubs in London, you can join the Facebook group, or contribute to the hundreds of #supportplasticpeople posts on Twitter, which earlier in the week was one of London’s top three most popular ‘Trending Topics’.

Hundreds of artists and DJs have openly lent their support to Plastic People this week, including Erol Alkan, Kode9, Ewan Pearson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Gilles Peterson and countless dubstep, grime, garage and Funky artists who consider it a second home.

If they haven’t already publicly joined them, we’d wager Four Tet (whose recent mix CD, Much Love to the Plastic People, was given away freely at the club), Andrew Weatherall, Mark Ernestus, Theo Parrish, The Bug, Burial, Antony ‘Shake’ Shakir and many more who’ve enjoyed times at the club would share their sentiment.



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