BPitch boss Ellen Allien will collect Dust on her next solo album.

The catchily titled number will be Allien’s fifth solo album, following 2008’s Sool. Earlier this year she contributed the latest in the Watergate club’s series of mix CDs, and also recently launched a fashion range.

Resident Advisor report today that “the beats are upfront, the melodies easily discernible, Allien’s voice loud and clear. But it’s not all beeps and bleeps: Clarinet finds its way onto ‘My Tree’ and a guitar loop guides ‘You.’ Like much of her work, Dust seems pitched halfway between the living room and the dance floor.”

In Allien’s own words, Dust is a “warmer and more immediate album” than Sool, which frankly, can’t be hard – Sool was about as unimmediate as they come.

The album was produced with Tobias Freund, one half of nsi.

01. Our Utopie
02. Flashy Flashy
03. My Tree
04. Sun The Rain
05. Should We Go Home
06. Ever
07. You
08. Dream
09. Huibuh
10. Schlumi



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