Autechre‘s Sean Booth has collaborated with Kouhei Matsunaga (who records for Raster-Noton as NHK) and Pan Sonic’s Mika Vainio on a new album-length release, 3. Telepathics Me In-sect Er Connection.

The album, out on Important Records (home to releases from the likes of Merzbow, Conrad Schnitzler and Astral Social Club), is comprised of three long tracks of abstract computer music, all drones, scrapes, whistles and whirs; it’s the third in an ongoing series focussing on the talents of the “enigmatic” Japanese artist Matsunaga.

If you’re a fan of the more  out-there leanings of Autechre. Vainio and Raster-Noton, then this undoubtedly interesting record is worth your time. The rest of us can probably safely wait for the imminent release of Autechre’s Oversteps, the duo’s most immediate and accessible album in ages.

3. Telepathics Meh In- sect Er Connection is out now, available as a CD digipak.

1. Mika and Kouhei – 11th June 2008
2. Mika and Kouhei and Sean – 11th June 2008
3. Kouhei and Sean – 11th June 2008



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