Flying Lotus will perform a live score for Harry Smith‘s 1962 film Heaven & Earth Magic at the Ann Arbor Film Festival on March 26.

Harry Everett Smith, who died in 1991 at the age of 68, was a remarkable polymath. He is best known to music fans for his work as an archivist and ethnomusicologist, compiling and releasing the legendary Anthology of American Folk Music in 1952, but he was also active as an occultist, fine artist and filmmaker and was once described by Kenneth Anger as “the greatest living magician”.

Smith gave the following synopsis of Heaven & Earth Magic: “The first part depicts the heroine’s toothache consequent to the loss of a very valuable watermelon, her dentistry and transportation to heaven. Next follows an elaborate exposition of the heavenly land, in terms of Israel and Montreal. The second part depicts the return to Earth from being eaten by Max Müller on the day Edward VII dedicated the Great Sewer of London.”

Flying Lotus will follow his live score with a performance at a festival afterparty at the Blind Pig with VJ Dr Strangeloop. May 3 sees the release of the Californian producer’s new album for Warp, Cosmogramma.



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