Well hello there very good news. Swedish pop star Robyn, whose 2005 masterpiece Robyn featured very high in our recent Albums of the Decade list, is planning to finally follow that record with three new albums this year.

In an interview with Swedish magazine Bon, transcribed by Pitchfork, Robyn reveals that among the new material is a “rap duel” with Snoop, a track produced by fellow Scandinavians Royksopp called ‘None of Dem’, a track called ‘Fembot’ that’s about 30 year old women trying to get pregnant, a track called ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do’, and a Diplo produced track called ‘Dance Hall Queen’. Oh, and the Royksopp track sounds like Timbaland, apparently.

The albums will be released in spring, summer and winter, and also feature work with Klas Åhlund, Andreas Kleerup (who produced ‘With Every Heartbeat’, Robyn’s biggest hit to date), Patrik Berger (presumably not this one), and Savage Skulls also worked with Robyn on the new material.

Robyn also talks in the interview about trying to make pop star machinery work for her, Lady Gaga (“I don’t like her music”), Fever Ray (“It’s good music. But that’s the tastemaker world … I am talking about the commercial music world, which is my world.”), feeling self-conscious while taking African dance lessons and Michael Jackson.

She also discusses Obama (“It’s better that [the U.S.] voted for Obama to be their king instead of Bush, but to believe that Obama has some power or some real effect on our society– that is just silly, right?”), and her Stockholm dance party, Konichiwa Bitches Goes Tutti Frutti, which recently featured a middle-aged woman performing a version of the song “Tutti Frutti” with an accordion while dressed up in fruits.

All credit to Pitchfork again for getting the information online.



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