Last year, South London’s London Bridge area saw the opening of two new clubs, The Arches and Cable. This year, they’ll be joined by Debut.

Debut opens its doors on April 9, and if the press release is anything to be believed, should be very plush indeed. The club will feature “four rooms in total – the main space that holds approximately 1,200 people alongside one of around 500 and one of around 300 capacity.” There will also be a chill out room that holds 400 and serves cocktails, and the rooms all interlock.

Apparently, the space is being transformed into “what will be primarily a vibrant live band space, with a state of the art PA and cutting edge lighting systems.” The venue will close at 2am, but an adjacent vodka bar stays open til 5am, for those who wish to expend their night.

Debut London promises to both “facilitate established bands and artists in the main room”, and “showcase up and coming new talent”, with regular nights hosted by independent labels and promoters. There’s also talk of sporting events, theatre and comedy nights, and outdoors mini-festivals for summer.

There are no pictures of Debut yet, but this is what the space previously looked like [above and below]. Line-up for that opening night to be revealed in the near future.



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