This Sunday, news broke that New York rapper Guru, one half of the legendary Gang Starr, was in a coma after a cardiac arrest.

DJ Premier [above], the other half of Gang Starr, confirmed the incident on a phone call to radio show Hip Hop Nation.

Well, now the DJ Premier blog, which is named after Premier but isn’t actually him, has revealed over Twitter that “Guru’s surgery was successful.”

Nothing more than that, other than to “send [Guru] love” and to not believe rumours that the rapper had died, and obviously when someone’s in a coma successful surgery is far from the end of it. However, it’s a positive.

More news as it goes, presumably from Premier Blog’s Twitter first. Still, at least it’s an excuse to post up some more vintage Gang Starr, such as this title track from 1998’s Moment of Truth.

Update: Guru is, right now, apparently in a med induced coma, breathing with machine help.



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