Russell Haswell will release a new studio album, entitled Value + Bonus, on April 15.

This will be Haswell’s first release on No Fun Productions, the New York noise label operated by Carlos Giffoni and home to the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Hair Police and Burning Star Core.

“It’s kind of a combination between a stereo test CD, like one of those things that reveals to you that you’ve got your speakers the wrong way around,” Haswell tells FACT, “And kind of free live acid noise improvisation, recorded in one take with no over-dubbing or anything like that. But then there’s editing that’s done in a kind of free style – well, inspired by the freestyle editing of Omar Santana and Latin Rascals, all these people from the 80s whose edits I used to be really into, even if it was pop music or whatever. They were the ones who did it better than anyone else.”

The official sales notes say the album brings together “CD player demonstration test signals, 24 bit digitally recorded improvised freeform analog pedal/electronic nO!se, direct to HD computer generated and recorded nO!se, flashbacks from the 1980s of 303 and 909 nO!se assaults including free-style repeat and reverse editing, a frog call editing experiment, finishing off the second disc is a unedited long-form radio de-tuning session!”

It’s a 2xCD affair, housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket and limited to 1000 copies. It’s Haswell’s sixth solo album, his most recent being the field recordings-oriented Wild Tracks set for Editions Mego.

An acclaimed and envelope-pushing multi-disciplinary artist, Suffolk-based Haswell has collaborated with the likes of Aphex Twin, Florian Hecker, Mika Vainio and Whitehouse. On March 13 he’ll be appearing at the Bloc Weekend festival and supporting Autechre on their European tour dates, playing “live improvised nO!se sets (electronics + pedals), or Hard-Disc-Jockey sets (HDJ)”, depending on the setting and situation. Click here for the schedule.


Left Right Mono Stereo [0:10]
My nO!se Floor Test [2:00]
Sub Bass Test [0:55]
Wino [4:05]
Room Voice Freeze Tone [2:41]
Motorway Sequence [2:10]
The Artist and the Record Company would like to warn you that consistent high volume playback of these recordings may damage your Audio System and Ears. Do not set levels to Maximum [0:21]
Multicultural nO!se @ -17.5 dB RMS (Black, Brown, Pink and White nO!se + Mix) [5:01]
Sine Wave/nO!se @ -10.2 dB RMS [1:40]
none [5:17]
trk 4 [6:46]
Computer nO!se [8:44]
Acid nO!se [3:39]
Coventry [6:20]
Thursday Afternoon 15102009 [11:59]
nO!se Set + Acid nO!se Encore (Live @ 23 Romily St, 12082009) [11:43]

Nocturnal Playlist Edit + Wave Repeat Variations [10:03]
Roberts R871 FM/MW/LW/SW 1-12 Unedited Radio Scan Solo (after Micheal Snow, Consumer Electronics, Toshiji Mikawa) [1:03:45]



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