A digitally re-mastered edition of Lou Reed‘s Metal Machine Music will be released on April 19 via the New Yorker’s own Sister Ray label.

The opinion-dividing 1975 “electronic instrumental composition” has been freshly re-mastered by Reed from the original multi-tracks with renowned mastering engineer Scott Hull. The new edition will be available onthree formats – double gatefold vinyl in quadraphonic sound, audio DVD and Blu-ray. There are also vinyl+DVD and vinyl+Blu-ray combos available.

The release coincides with Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio UK concerts at the Cambridge Junction (April 17), Oxford O2 Academy (April 18) and London Royal Festival Hall (April 19, part of the Ether Festival). The band won’t be playing music from the original album, but rather music inspired by it.

“The out of print ‘Quad’ release has been replicated for all formats,” says Reed, “Including a perfect vinyl version playable on your stereo turntable with the original rear sections moved to the center of the front left/right speakers. It’s worth getting a turntable to hear this. We worked from digital transfers (95k 24bit) made from the original analogue masters. The original label supplied us with these files and photo copies of the analogue reels including copies of Bob Ludwig’s mastering notes.”

More info can be found here.



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