Today’s Daily Download comes from Former Ghosts, who recently released their excellent debut album, Fleurs, on Upset The Rhythm.

When the band’s leader Freddy Ruppert presented his recordings to the label, UTR tell us, “he said that the album was drenched in reverb and he had gone out of his way to measure it. He measured the amount of reverb on a few percussive hits, the sustain on a few single synth notes and chords, and long echos on the vocal tracks.

“He told us that after doing some calculations, he predicts that if you were to clip out the actual sound from the instruments on the album, leaving only the reverb, and then lined each track of reverb up, one after another, the reverb should stretch out for 8 and 3/4 years. He said ‘Think about that’.”

This perhaps give you some idea as to the intensity and lovingly wrought claustrophobia of Fleurs, a gothic-hued pop record full of jagged electronics and stark guitar lines, and one of our favourite debuts of recent months. If you’re a fan of Cold Cave, Blank Dogs or Joy Division – not to mention all the minimal wave business that everyone’s been twatting on about of late – you’ll want to check it out. ‘Hold On’ is actually one of the album’s more conventional tracks, but it’s also one of the most immediate. Have a listen, and if you like the cut of Former Ghosts’ jib, you can find out more here.

Download: Former Ghosts – Hold On
(Available for seven days)



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