Olde English Spelling Bee this week releases present a big haul of new LPs and reissues from the likes of James Ferraro, Rangers and Forest Swords.

Ferraro, one half of The Skaters and the maddeningly prolific poster-boy of the “hypnagogic pop” scene, receives a long-awaited vinyl pressing for his Last American Hero album, which was originally released on Belgian cassette label Dreamtime Taped Sounds back in 2008, and it’s a typically strung-out journey into the tatty, TV-sick heart of the American dream. The vinyl is limited to 450 copies and comes with a download coupon and “culture-collage” sleeve depicting “the programmed citizen and the process of it’s logical sequence…in the empty world created by the MODERN Gomorrah temple BEST BUY plaza center”. Er, yes. If you’re not familiar with Ferraro’s aesthetic, prepare for some incredibly weird and warped sounds, the hoary old concept of “lo-fi” taken to ever more imaginative extremes. OESB have also produced a remastered vnyl edition of another  VHS-memory-mangling Ferraro classic, Grippers Nother OnesersLive At Slimer Beach (previously released in 2006 by New Age Tapes as Lamborghini Crystal’s Cool Runnings). This one’s limited to 450 copies.

The hardcore among you might also want to check out Flashback Repository‘s self-titled LP, a remastered issue of an obscure tape from the Outer Limits Collective, limited to 425 copies in pro-printed duo-tone sleeves with a 5-page essay booklet. Matrix Metals‘ out-of-print tape Flamingo Breeze makes the transition to vinyl too, with digital download coupon included.

Rangers (real name Joe Knight) delivers his  debut LP release, Suburban Tours, a densely atmospheric but frequently jarring work that will draw inevitable comparisons to the dime-store hauntology of Ariel Pink. More out-of-the-ordinary, at least for Olde English Spelling Bee, is the debut from Forest Swords, Dagger Paths. Being signed to a label that basically defines weird Americana, we were amazed to learn that Forest Swords actually hail from Liverpool. Our friends at Boomkat describe as “a cross between Burial’s sample-strewn claustophobia and Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti western scores”, which is perhaps slightly misleading, but gives you some indication of how unusual and immediate the record is. Even if you’re not usually a fan of OESB, we recommend you check this one out – from our point of view it’s the best and certainly most accessible record to be released by the label since Ducktails’ Landscapes. Meanwhile, you can download exclusive mixtapes by Forest Swords and Rangers at Gorilla vs Bear.

These various albums are available at a number of good record stores; your best bets in the UK are Second Layer, Boomkat (where you can also check out audio clips) and Volcanic Tongue.



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