Today’s daily download is an exclusive track from Manchester’s xxxy.

A contributor to Fabric’s recent Elevator Music compilation – along with Untold, Shortstuff and more – xxxy has released singles on Formant and Mindset, and has singles forthcoming on Infrasonics and Fortified Audio.

God knows Wot U Call It anymore, but xxxy’s sound finds a middle ground between the spacious atmospherics of dub-techno and Peverelist’s psychedelic dubstep, with all the groove of prime 2step. Fans of the aforementioned, plus Kowton, Spatial and the rest, you should check him out.

Further to xxxy’s credit, he’s given us a chunky wav file of the eight minute ‘Que’ to give away. If you like bass, drums and good music, then download it. Duh.

Download: xxxy – Que
(Available for seven days)



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