A Guy Called Gerald will release a new album on May 10, entitled Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions.

Gerald Simpson first came to the world’s attention mid-80s; both solo, and a a key member of 808 State when they were at their most relevant and radical, Gerald broke bold new ground in the realms of acid house, techno, hardcore, jungle and much else besides, through releases like ‘Voodoo Ray’, ’28 Gun Badboy’ and the quite staggeringly brilliant Black Secret Technology. Unlike many of his contemporaries, the Manchester-hailing producer has continued to operate near the cutting edge of electronic music, releasing work on labels like Perlon, Beatstreet and Sender in recent years.

Tronic Jazz comes courtesy of Berlin’s Laboratory Instinct label, and it includes 13 new and unmixed productions from Simpson,the prevailing style being one of funked-up, well-honed techno with palpable analogue underpinnings.

1. People Moover
2. Nuvo Alfa
3. Flutter
4. Iland
5. Just Soul
6. The Dip
7. Round Eco
8. Dirty Trix
9. Wow Yheah
10. Indi Vibe
11. Pacific Samba
12. Conclusion F min Blue
13. Merfed



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