Chloé will release a new album in April entitled One in Other.

The Parisian DJ/producer made one of the best albums of 2007 in the form of her debut, The Waiting Room – a dark, droning and utterly seductive record that owed as much to Spacemen 3, La Monte Young and The Velvets as any electro or techno influence. Unlike so many full-lengths to come from dance music producers, The Waiting Room felt not only genuinely ambitious but also coherent, considered and incredibly stylish.

So you can understand why we’re excited about One in Other, which according to RA boasts “gloomy slow-burners, psychedelic meanderings and some slightly sunnier, Stereolab-esque pop tunes.” The album will be released on CD, vinyl and digital via Kill The DJ.

1. People Moover
2. Nuvo Alfa
3. Flutter
4. Iland
5. Just Soul
6. The Dip
7. Round Eco
8. Dirty Trix
9. Wow Yheah
10. Indi Vibe
11. Pacific Samba
12. Conclusion F min Blue
13. Merfed



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