In case you hadn’t noticed, this weekend past was Bloc Weekend.

Bloc Weekend roughly translates to Shed, Marcel Dettmann, Model 500, Wiley, Autechre, Salt-n-Pepa, Geeneus, Omar-S and a ton more musical greats ‘aving it large in Butlins, Minehead. Some members of the FACT team were there, some weren’t (well we did have the Coronet to be thinking about).

But a man who was there was Dan Hancox, a trusty FACT scribe who was handed the keys to the FACT twitter account for the weekend. This is his Bloc story.

hi @danhancox here. bloc warming nicely. roots manuva providing first real star quality: shades, trenchcoat and bouncey riddims 3:52 PM Mar 12th

wiley confounds critics by turning up, but still fails to remember his own bars. has anyone seen him merk a rave since 05? 5:19 PM Mar 12th

there aren’t enough abacuses in the world to count how much better ms dynamite was than wiley-boo, wile out, get low: YES 5:25 PM Mar 12th

meanwhile at #bloc, omar s killing us softly with his deetroyt songs. fairly quiet dancefloor, but sounding CRISP 6:30 PM Mar 12th

forgot to mention the rinse stage’s 7 dancers, kitted out in bodysuits made from 80s curtains. #sohotrightnow 6:38 PM Mar 12th

RT @lexpretend: ellen allien is such a fucking goddess #bloc 8:18 PM Mar 12th

#bloc highs, day 1: omar s dropping ‘psychoponatript tetrahipticon’ or whatever it’s called; @ms_dynamite‘s stage presence; no jesters hats 3:18 AM Mar 13th

this is perhaps the last place in the world i thought i’d hear republica’s ‘ready to go’ #bloc 4:42 AM Mar 13th

great reformations in history: 1) late modern european protestantism 2) salt n pepa at #bloc 3:19 PM Mar 13th

#bloc cowering in the shadow of salt n pepa doing ‘push it’ live, but @kodenine playing @ikonika‘s ‘the idiot’ brought us back to the light 5:37 PM Mar 13th

pink clouds over minehead and impressive take-up of the wedding fancy dress theme giving #bloc day 3 a very pretty ambience about 17 hours ago

suspect a lot of punters are still trying to compute having heard salt n pepa declaim ‘we love you somerset!!’ last night #bloc about 17 hours ago

#bloc day 3 is about fragments + remnants. @mr_unlikely lit the flame w/ funky, dubstep + ‘just in case’, then derrick may fanned the embers about 11 hours ago

returning the keys to the fact twitter like a kid who’s driven it into a ravine. i’ve been @danhancox at #bloc: back to you in the studio about 3 hours ago



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