It must be alright being Sleigh Bells. There you are – an ex-member of hardcore band Poison the Well (Derek Miller) and a school teacher (Alison Krauss) happily making music, and then all of a sudden you’ve got MIA trying to sign you from one side and Diplo adding you on Twitter from the other.

In between all that, the Brooklyn duo have taken their jagged brand of pop music to every ‘band to watch’ column going and are signed up to most major festivals this year – as well as MIA’s label, who’ll be co-releasing the band’s debut album this year.

If you fancy finding out what all the fuss is about, Londoners will have ample chance to see them live this month when the duo play three dates in the capital; namely shows at White Heat (Madame Jo Jo’s, 23rd), Notting Hill Arts Club (26th) and Koko (27th).

The band are also touring with Major Lazer in the States; full dates pon de myspace.



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