Veteran producer Thomas Fehlmann has a new album out via Kompakt on March 29.

Fehlmann has been making music for over 30 years, not only solo but as a member of Palais Schaumburg, 3MB (with Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald) and The Orb. His first album for Kompakt, 2002’s Visions of Blah, has one of our favourite titles of all time. In case you were wondering.

The new album, from which today’s Daily Download is taken, is called Gute Luft (“good air”). It’s the result of months of work scoring the hit German TV film 24H Berlin – the longest documentary film in history, featuring 80 camera teams following the lives of Berliners over a 24 hour period. Inevitably, a lot of his Fehlmann’s music did not end up making the final cut, and Gute Luft finds him recombining material into something approaching his “ideal” edit of the soundtrack, designed, in his own words, to make you “feel at peace with you and your environment, inspire you to lush, imaginative dinners, make babies, or just walk your own way with open eyes”.

Download: Thomas Fehlmann – Permanent Touch
(Available for seven days)



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