You may remember a while ago we alerted you to the formation of Zerkalo, a new project involving Heinrich Mueller of Dopplereffekt and Drexciya.

An official statement bills Zerkalo is “an ongoing musical experiment built around a synthesis of the scientific precision of Heinrich Mueller’s work and Victoria Lukas’ lyricism.”

“Through the coupling of electronic music and video art,” the note continues, “Zerkalo became a vessel for reconstruction and sublimation of memories, reflections and visions into audio visual dream world.”

Zerkalo refers to Tarkovsky’s 1975 film of the same name (it means ‘Mirror’), and there’s a strong visual and literary current running through the project, with allusions – some obvious, some embedded – to the likes of Virginia Woolf, Friedrich Nietzsche and Marina Tsvetaeva.

Following two 12″s last year for Clone’s Aqualung Series, Stoi Storoni Zerkala pts. I and II, this week sees the release of a new limited edition 12″ from Zerkalo on Clone sub-label Frustrated Funk. Limited to 329 copies and boasting handmade silkscreened artwork and stamped labels, Experiment Zero is the fourth in FF’s ongoing When Insanity Slips In Series. You can listen to clips here.

More info on Zerkalo, and links to videos, at the official site and the fan-driven Drexciya Research Lab.

1. Invisible
2. Last Meeting
3. Experiment Zero



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