Whether your opinion of Crystal Castles is that of overhyped fakers or Hype Machine generation geniuses, it doesn’t look like Alice Glass and Ethan Kath are disappearing anytime soon.

The Canadian duo, infamous for various things including attacking fans at concerts, fighting with security at Sonar, telling rather tall-seeming tales about their background in interviews, allegedly not crediting samples and almost certainly not crediting artwork they’ve used (we’re not going to link to everything – interested parties can Google this and more), will return this coming month with a new single for Fiction / Lies.

Titled ‘Doe Deer’, it’s a four-track 12″ that will be released in vinyl format only, limited to 500 copies worldwide. Given how much some of the band’s early singles sell for on Ebay, we’d suggest you snap it up pronto if you’re a fan.

The other three tracks on the single are “pure guitar-noise” versions of previous Castles tracks, including the brilliant ‘Mother Knows Best’, that apparently predate what we know as the originals, “recorded a year before the band added electronics to their sound”.

Tracklist is as follows. The package will be released on April 17, for Record Store Day:

A1 – Doe Deer
A2 – Mother Knows Best (2004 guitar version)
B1 – Insectica (2004 guitar version)
B2 – Seed (2004 guitar version)

The Castles will also be playing the following worldwide dates next month:

03 Apr – TORONTO, Twist Art Gallery, Canada
12-Apr – LOS ANGELES, Echoplex, USA
14-Apr – NEW YORK, Irving Plaza, USA
17 Apr –LISBON, Coliseum, Portuga
20-Apr – LONDON, Heaven, UK
22-Apr – BERLIN, Ritter Butzke, Germany
23-Apr – AMSTERDAM, Trouw, Holland
24-Apr – BRUSSELS, Botanique Orangerie, Belgium
26-Apr – PARIS, Nouveau Casino, France
27-Apr – ZURICH, Rosthoflager, Switzerland
28-Apr – MILAN, Magazzini Generali, Italy
30-Apr – MURCIA, La Fica Estrella LaVenta 404 Festival, Spain



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