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Let’s get one thing straight, the new single by MMM – the Berlin duo comprised of Fiedel and Erik / Errorsmith, who’s also one half of Smith n Hack with Soundstream – is a banger. It’s not a dumb banger, and it’s not a simple banger, but it is an undisputed banger, and if you don’t like bangers then you might want to look away now, because this is one of the biggest of the year.

‘Nous Sommes MMM’ is too complex to be a simple banger. The always lavish Boomkat refer to MMM as dancefloor technicians, and the second word is vital – like the carefully drawn crane on this record’s label [not the side pictured above], everything on ‘Nous Sommes’ is constructed with second-to-none precision, staccato chords stabbing the gaps left by the piston-esque percussion in perfect time. There’s almost perverse attention to detail at work here, and the more you listen to it, the more you find yourself sharing Erik and Fiedel’s glee at the immaculacy of their factory-tight production job.

Simply put, this is entrancing, divine rave music that takes the heady energy of vintage hardcore and combines it seamlessly with the to-the-millimetre efficiency of modern Germany. It also, despite its day-glo exuberance, is restrained, fading before outstaying its welcome, ensuring that you want to hear it again. I played it about twenty times last night.

Of course, like Smith n Hack’s famous edit of ‘Moving like a Train’, if this track reaches the sort of banger status where every student with Soulseek and a university radio slot is playing it then you’ll start to hate it, but do you think MMM care? Of course they don’t. Ils sont MMM.

Tam Gunn



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