Young British producer Roof Light [not pictured above – that’s just a roof light] will follow last year’s excellent In Your Hands EP  (released on Stryax, home of Bvdub and more) with a full length album for Highpoint Lowlife, titled Kirkwood Gaps.

According to Highpoint boss Thorsten Sideboard, Roof Light has been “sending over about a million new tracks a week, ranging from ambient to hip-hop, techno, house/disco and 2step.” For the album, they opted for a mix of styles, “building up from an almost Boards of Canada slow sound, into Blue Daisy compressed beats, more 2562-sounding dubstep and kinda tougher towards the end of the album.”

We haven’t heard Kirkwood, but if it realises the promise that Roof Light showed on In Your Hands, which took in Joey Beltram’s techno, Actress’s machine soul, Burial’s vocal fragments and more, then it could be something to behold.

Release date looks likely to be a couple of months’ time; Highpoint Lowlife also have two more dancefloor orientated 12″s planned – each comprising three tracks. This will all be preceded by an EP on MJ Cole’s Prolific label, titled Harlem Power. A May single for Styrax sister label Millions of Moments, comprising ‘Midas’ and ‘Palm’ is also scheduled.

The tracklisting for Kirkwood Gaps is as follows:

01 Marrying Maidens Fair of Willow
02 Kite Tails and Redwings
03 Daytrips and Starlight
04 Drawing Near to the Printed
05 Outline to Cross
06 Hold it Back
07 Losing my Mind
08 Taro
09 Late into the Evening

Hey, and in other Highpoint Lowlife news, label regular The Village Orchestra is giving loads of stuff away. You can see all the details, and download the material here.



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