Silver Columns arrived on our radar last year with a couple of 12″s and some serious blog buzz revolving around their identity.

Well, it was revealed this year that the duo were, in fact, Adem (a.k.a. Adem Ilhan, who you’ll know either from his solo work or as being part of Fridge with Four Tet) and Johnny Lynch (a.k.a. The Pictish Trail). Cool.

Even cooler is the fact that they have a single due out this month, titled ‘Cavalier’ and featuring a stonking remix from The Time and Space Machine (a.k.a. Richard Norris, who you might know as half of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Alkan). How many a.k.a.s does it take to ruin a post again?

Either way, you can download The Time and Space Machine’s remix below. The physical release come on April 19 via Moshi Moshi, and Silver Columns’ debut album, Yes, and Dance is on the way.

Download: Silver Columns – Cavalier (Time and Space Machine remix)
(Available for seven days)



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