Garage favourites El-B and J Da Flex present a new compilation, titled Nu Levels.

Revered originally for his ’90s garage output as one half of Groove Chronicles, and then for his tough solo records from the turn of the noughties that proved a huge influence on dubstep (several of his classics from this period, amongst them ‘Serious’ and his remix of Zed Bias’s ‘Neighborhood’ were last year compiled on Tempa’s fairly essential Roots of El-B compilation), El-B’s recent focus has been on his Ghost Records label, and Nu Levels showcases the artists on this label – some instantly recognisable, and some not.

Amongst those in the first category is Burial, who considers El-B a massive influence on his style, and has collaborated with him in the past. He contributes ‘Prophecy’, which closes the compilation. We’re not sure if this is the feted collaboration with El-B from that linked post there or not, but we’re finding out.

Update: it is said collaboration, according to FACT contributor and all around top chap Joe Muggs.

El-B contributes two tracks to the package, ‘Back with the Sound’ (with Rolla MC) and ‘Think Ur Greezy (with ITA). J Da Flex collaborates with Big Dada’s grime marksman Jammer on ‘Knucklin’, while MRK-1, DJ Narrows and Orien also feature.

Nu Levels is due out in May; there’s a pre-album launch party at Fabric this weekend, Friday 9 April. El-B, J Da Flex and DJ Narrows play.

On another note, how much is El-B looking like Fred Durst? When Rolla MC changes his name to Rollin’ MC we’ll start to worry.

1. Back With The Sound – EL-B feat Rolla MC
2. Chimpmunk Stagga – Itchy Robot
3. Move Forward – Zed Bias & Chimpo feat Fox
4. Gamer – Hizzle Guy
5. Knucklin – J Da Flex feat Jammer
6. Think Ur Greezy – EL-B feat ITA
7. No 1 – MRK1
8. John Conner – Yoof
9. Get A Move On – Crazy D
10. Volume Pumping – Dismantle
11. Conscience Of A Ghost – DJ Narrows
12. Dance Floor Cuu – J Da Flex vs Majestic
13. MODS- Orien
14. Prophecy – Burial vs El-B



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