As many of you will already know, Autechre have just released their landmark tenth album, Oversteps.

It’s their most melodic and immediate record in a long while, but somehow still unknowably immense. It’s going to take us about a year to digest it and decide whether it ranks up there with their very best efforts, but one way or another there’s no doubting the artistry that’s gone into its conception and execution. Autechre are men apart – of that there’s no doubt.

To celebrate the release of the album and the end of the duo’s Oversteps tour, which reached its finale in London’s Brocking St Warehouse on this Saturday just gone, we’ve secured a haul of eminently covetable Autechre gear to give away. The lucky winner of this week’s FACT competition will win a copy of Oversteps on CD, plus an Oversteps T-shirt (pictured above) and limited edition Oversteps tour poster.

If those sound like things you might want in your life, simply e-mail your name and the word ‘Autechre’ to to be entered into the prize draw. The winner will be selected at random and notified via e-mail on Tuesday 20 April, which is when the competition closes.

Oh, and if for some reason you’ve not yet downloaded Autechre’s exclusive FACT mix, we’ve re-upped it here. Grab it before it goes again.



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