Is Glasgow’s Rudi Zygadlo dubstep’s first fop? We’re not sure, but he definitely dresses nattier than Hatcha.

In truth, dubstep isn’t even half of what Rudi Zygadlo does. Recently signed to Planet Mu, where he recently released his debut 12″ ‘Resealable Friendship’ (backed with remixes by Slugabed and Starkey), and where in May, he will put out his debut album Great Westerm Laymen, his wild, widescreen sound takes in classic pop, prog, grime, Aphex, hip-hop and more, resulting in one of the more unique sounds you’ll hear this year.

You can download said single, ‘Resealable Friendship’ below. The 12″ is out now on Planet Mu. Photo credit: Shaun Bloodworth.

Download: Rudi Zygadlo – Resealable Friendship
(Avaialble for seven days)



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