London’s Together night will host a headline performance this Friday by American garage/house legend Todd Edwards.

Revered by fans of garage music (he’s nicknamed ‘The God’) for his unique style, heavy on 4×4 basslines and cut-up vocals, Todd Edwards is one of the great producers of the last twenty years, and an inspiration to countless modern acts. Live he’s close to unmissable, mixing up sets of his own productions into intense assault courses of snapping snares and rapturous, micro-edited breathes. When the mood takes him, he’s also liable to throw neon crucifixes into the crowd (take that, Justice!)

In support is the frequently excellent Sinden, who’ll be mixing up the best foreign house, UK productions and presumably plenty of dubs from his new label, Grizzly. Sheffield boy wonder Toddla T will perform with MC Serocee, while Boy 8-Bit and Night Slugger L-Vis 1990 will ensure Room 1 vibes are heavy duty all night.

Room 2 is curated by Disco of Doom, who welcome D.I.M, Noob, Obi DAB s Robin, The Boogaloo Crew and Osky. Room 3 features Daisy Dares you, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Otello Woolf and more.

For full details, hit up Together’s website. For a pair of VIP tickets, email us on, and if you’re polite, you might just be rewarded.



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