Mark ‘Harmonic 313’ Pritchard and Steve Spacek of, well, Spacek, have released their first single as Africa Hitech.

Created at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2007, the Africa Hitech project is part of the MPP Productions banner, under which Pritchard, a former member of Global Communication and more, categorizes his current wide-ranging projects that include Reload, Harmonic 313 and more.

Promising a Detroit and garage-influenced take on Pritchard’s airlocked bass music aesthetic, the first Africa Hitech single, ‘Blen’ is out now on Warp, backed by ‘Blen Remix’ and ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’. More Africa Hitech releases on Warp are promised for the coming months.

You can stream all three tracks from the ‘Blen’ single on the Warp site.



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