Following on from Cooly G’s recent down-tempo set there, next weekend Cosmonaut will present Mala‘s first set “away from dubstep tempo.”

In other words, the Digital Mystikz legend will be showcasing non-140bpm tunes from himself and those around him – many of which will be unreleased. It’s not like Mala plays every day as it is, so watching him doing something like this should be a treat to say the least – and it’s possible he’ll never play a set like this again.

It takes place at Kings Cross’s Big Chill House, April 25, from 7pm to midnight. Enticing stuff.

Oh, and keep it FACT for a big interview with Mala, by Cosmonaut’s (as well as FACT, The Wire and others’) Joe Muggs in the not-too-distant future.



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