Available on: Hotflush 12″s

So here Hotflush releases a selection of diverting reinterpretations of Mount Kimbie’s much-lauded recent output. The tracks will be available as two separate 12”s.

On the first, Prosumer and Tama Sumo’s rendition of ‘William’ is almost Underground Resistance-like in its economy, while Scuba (recording here as SCB), provides an unexpectedly ferocious edit of ‘Vertical’, which becomes a gurning, peak-time Berghain workout, all disco legs, amyl nitrate, and spastically contracting bumholes.

For part two, Instra:mental’s re-imagining of ‘At Least’ is brisk and bassy house-techno that will appeal to devotees of Appleblim’s Applepips imprint. Falty DL’s ‘Serged’ is dirty, dreadlocked dub choking on the exhaust from Tom Jenkinson’s red hot car, and in James Blake’s hands ‘Maybes’ is transformed into a feral pop track, rummaging through two-step’s bin.

This is all good stuff, although for many, I suspect, the biggest interest here will lie in Blake’s and Falty’s mixes. Neither disappoints.

Colin McKean



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