This week sees the reissue of Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham, the artist and filmmaker best known for his iconic video work for Aphex Twin and Bjork.

Originally released through Warp Films in 2005, Rubber Johnny is a surreal short film portraying “a 16-year-old inbred mutant’s solitary existence, locked in a pitch-black basement by his ashamed parents”. Pretty harsh. Shot entirely on DV in infra-red, the film features music by Aphex Twin (taken from his Drukqs LP), and the DVD is packaged with a 40-page art book including original Cunningham sketches and photographs. This month’s reissue will apparently be the last ever pressing of the DVD package.

The release is scheduled to coincide with Cunningham’s premiering of new material in a 75-minute live AV show at Brighton Dome (tonight, Monday 19 April), Manchester Opera House (Thursday 22 April) and London’s Royal Festival Hall (Friday 23 April).



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