The tracklist for Kode9’s DJ-Kicks compilation has been revealed.

So, what’s there? New Kode9? Check (‘Blood Orange’, ‘It’, and ‘You Don’t Wash’ – the latter a DJ-Kicks exclusive). New Zomby? Check (‘Spiralz’). New Digital Mystikz, Terror Danjah, Cooly G, Ill Blu and more? Check.

Oh, and Kode9’s mind-melting mix of Mala’s ‘Mountain Dread March’ and Zomby’s ‘Godzilla’ that has been the utter highlight of his recent DJ sets? Check 1-2.

The compilation is due out on June 21.

Kode9 DJ-Kicks tracklisting:
1. Lone  Once In A While
2. Aardvarck  Revo
3. Kode9  Blood Orange
4. Kode9  You Don’t Wash (dub) (DJ-Kicks exclusive)
5. Cooly G  Phat Si
6. Ill Blu  Bellion
7. Ikonika  Heston
8. Scratcha DVA  Jelly Roll
9. Mr Mageeka  Different Lekstrix
10. Grievous Angel  Move Down Low
11. Sticky feat. Natalie Storm  Look Pon Me
12. Sticky  Jumeirah Riddim Sequel
13. Mujava  Pleaze Mugwanti
14. DVA  Natty
15. Aardvaarck  Re Spoken (Nubian Mindz Released Mix)
16. Morgan Zarate feat. Sarah Ann Webb  M.A.B.
17. Rozzi Daime  Dirty Illusions
18. Zomby  Spiralz
19. Kode9  It
20. J*DaVeY  Mr. Mister
21. Digital Mystikz  2 Much Chat
22. Terror Danjah  Stiff
23. Digital Mystikz  Mountain Dread March
24. Zomby  Godzilla
25. Digital Mystikz  Mountain Dread March (Reprise)
26. Addison Groove  Footcrab
27. Kode9 vs. LD  Bad
28. Maddslinky  Cargo
29. Ramadanman  Work Them
30. Terror Danjah  Bruzin (VIP)
31. The Bug  Run (feat. Flo Dan)



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